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Product Information

  • Custom Modules like Website, Website Pages, Menu Items, Faqs, Case Study, Social Network, etc. A Website affects all the aspects of a page's appearance.


  • Ready-made designed websites look more stunning, compared to web pages developed by Coding. A website is a combination of multiple pages, which is capable to showcase a business

  • Custom Modules like Website, Website Pages, Menu Items, Faqs, Case Study, Social Network, etc.Various pages can be designed on a particular Website without going through the hectic job of creating HTML pages.


  • Features:-
  1. Users can easily add, view, update and delete the content of the theme because Single Page themes are controlling from crm

  2. In CRM we are providing some custom Modules for controlling theme Content and Images.

  3. Ideadunes provides you with a website launcher which creates good quality websites automatically, by just entering certain details and forms in the CRM. It saves a lot of time and effort.


Problem Statment

  • Creating a website by coding is a really time-consuming and difficult approach.

  • whereas, creating a website through a website launcher in CRM is just a matter of filling some details and forms. These websites could be easily modified and maintained through the CRM itself.


How to use

We Provide 3 Types of methods in Website Launcher:-

  • Choose from the available set of pages we have and use on their Website.

  • Promote their Website on our system and we get the data or relevant promotions, marketing, activity, data, and resources they need as Per domain or subdomain

  • We implement the custom design for Websites as they suggest

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