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Product Information

  • Tag management is the ability to manage user-generated tags within the system.

  • Tagging is fundamentally a means to classify data to make it structured and ultimately useful.

  • Through Tag, Management user can handle large amounts of records with similar attributes or types. The user can also easily find any contents, important customer, important notes etc. through appropriate tagging.

  • Fed up of remembering important clients? Tag them!

  • This plugin allows you to organize your data by giving those tags!!

  • Tags are keywords or terms that help describe a contact. Using additional information or notes that you have your contact, tags help you list the little things about your contact that would normally be forgotten.


  • Easy to use datatype. A Tag Me field can be created using tag me datatype.

  • Easy to add the tag me field in any module.

  • Easy to set the field in all three layouts of a module: Edit, Detail, and List view.

  • Colored backgrounds for tags.

  • Search a record based on tag me field

  • Can edit tags

  • Can remove tags

  • New tags get saved and other users can use the predefined tags.

Problem Statment

  • A tag me field can be created by using tag me datatype
  • Easy to add Tag Me field in any module
  • New tags get saved and other users can use the predefined tags

How to use

  1. Login to CRM. Go to admin. Click on studio from developers tool section.


     2.  Click on the module in which you need to add the Tag me field.


     3.  Click on fields. Click on add field button.


     4.Select the Datatype as Tag Me from the Datatype dropdown



    6.Enter the field name, display label, help text, comment text and other fields and click on save. A tag me field gets added to the fields list of the module.

Set the field in the edit, detail and list view:


  4.  Go to studio-> click on the module-> click on layouts.


  5.    layout in which you want to set the field.

From the toolbox shown on the left-hand side drag and drop the field into the layout section. If there is no empty row or empty space to add the field, then drag and drop the row or filler into the layout section and then drag the field into the filler box.


Click on save and deploy. The Same procedure goes with the rest of the layouts.

  • Examples of how Tag Me field will appear in other views


  • Edit view


Click on the module in which you have added the tag me field. Click on create or edit. Start entering your tag and a box will appear below containing the saved tags by the other users.


  • Detail View


Detail view

Tag me will appear in detail view as shown in the image below.

  • List View


List view

Tag me will appear in list view as shown in the image below.


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