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Product Information

  • This manages the entire proposal lifecycle inside SuiteCRM with PandaDoc. Any document will be modified from CRM because it provides in-app functionality to create documents in a CRM by fetching tokens from modules and reducing the efforts. You can have the right data at the right time with the PandaDoc and SuiteCRM integration.

  • We have provided a PandaDoc integration for SuiteCRM to create, modify documents from suiteCRM itself.

  • Also the license configuration can be found on the admin page under the ‘PandaDoc’ header as ‘License Configuration’.



1.Create documents from templates without leaving SuiteCRM
PandaDoc comes with a pre-built library of hundreds of document templates that are ready to use inside of your SuiteCRM account. You can easily customize these templates and add new ones to create a robust library of branded templates for your sales team.

2.Sign documents from any computer, smartphone, or tablet
PandaDoc electronic signatures are easy to use and legally binding. Your prospects will be able to view and sign your proposals from anywhere without having to install specialized software.

3.Know when prospects view and sign proposals with document analytics

Advanced document analytics allow sales reps and managers to know when proposals are sent, viewed, and signed.


4.Use the document builder to create custom proposals with embedded media

The drag and drop functionality makes it easy to create new documents inside SuiteCRM. Reps can embed images, product sheets, and videos right inside their proposals.


Problem Statment


  • Creating documents  is a meticulous and difficult process. The suiteCRM doesn't provide a feature to create documents dynamically.

  • That work can be done using PandaDoc which reduces our efforts, creating elegant documents on the go. But the CRM also doesn’t have Panda doc integration. So Ideadunes comes with the functionality called PandaDoc integration for suiteCRM which gives the features like create, modify documents from suiteCRM itself.


How to use

Follow the below steps for installation of the Signature plugin -

  1. Go to the Admin Panel.

  2. Click on Module Loader from developer tool to Install Plugin.
  3. Choose the zip file for a plugin by clicking the Choose File button.
  4. Upload that file as shown in the image.

  5. Then click the Install button.
  6. After that Commit it like below.
  7. IT will take a moment to complete installation and then will show successful completion. 

  8. After installation you will be redirected to the Licence configuration. Enter the Store license key provided (you'll receive a key even for the trial version). Then press validate.

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