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Product Information

  • Auto-login functionality allows the System Administrator users, or "Admins," to have all of the abilities and functionality of a regular user or any other CRM user, but also have administrative privileges as well.
  • Admin can have access to any user's account directly from the detail view of that user without having the need to enter the login credentials of a particular user.
  • Hence the admin can view the CRM from that user's perspective and hence perform the functionality of a regular user and troubleshoot the problems that the user is facing.


  • Features:

  • 1)Admin have direct access -

           Admin can directly have access to any user's account, no need to sign 

    indifferently for any user.

    2)No need to remember login credentials -

          No need to remember or enter user login credentials.

    3)Admin can fix the user’s problems -

          Admin can troubleshoot and fix the problems faced by the users in their respective accounts.


Problem Statment

  • We Need to give admin direct access to individual users’ CRM accounts from the user’s list view.

  • Every time admin need to switch over to login page

  • And also admin needs to manually enter the login credentials for any user.

  • Hence Ideadunes team came up with the facility that allows the System Administrator users, or "Admins," to have all of the abilities and functionality of a regular user or any other CRM user


We created a special data type for SuiteCRM / SugarCRM that supports the facility to have all the abilities to admin as a regular user, with compatibility to the previous and latest version 6.5.25 & 7.10.5.


With this add-on, it makes it simple to have all the required facilities to the “Administrator”.

How to use

How to use this login as functionality:

  1. Login as Admin



  1. Click on “User management” from users panel


  1. List view of the users is displayed




  1. Select a particular user and the detail view of that user is displayed.For example, if you have selected a regular user then regular users detail view is displayed.




  1. Click on “Login As regular”. Hence the Regular users' account gets opened and the admin gets access to the regular users' account.



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Support Information

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  • For any queries regarding how to use this functionality, you can refer to our User Guide or you can Get Our Support through 



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