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Product Information

  • We provide an excellent data type for Rating to set rating out of 5. This data type can be used to rate any product, employee, student, service etc.

  • This PlugIn can be used for any module you choose and hence the Rating field can be added and adjusted in various layouts such as Edit View, Detail view, List view, Dashlets etc.

  • Each star represents a value hence the values can be allocated to the stars as per the module in which rating field is added.




  • Above image shows regular Rating. Stars indicate rating as

1. Bad

2. Poor

3. Regular

4. Good

5. Gorgeous

  • Using - You can Cancel the Rating


  • Perform Different Action

You can Manage, Modify, Delete or Approve your Customer, Service, Product, and Employee Ratings.

  • Text for Rating



We Provide the text for all-stars such as for 1 Star- Bad,4 Star-Good. The values for each star may vary according to the object you may rate.

  • Choose any Star or Cancel Rating

Selected stars are highlighted in yellow color. Cancel the rating using - sign.    



  • Flexible for Module and View

           You can add the rating data type in an already existing module or to a new module

Problem Statment

  • The need to create this product was to provide a rating field to CRM users to add to any CRM module.

  • It lets the customer share their feedback on any physical or digital product.

  • Rating plugin can be quickly and easily added to a CRM module without any programming required.

  • It helps you to get the Customers feedback hence improving the consumer decision-making process.

  • Through rating, you can learn whether your customers are happy with their purchases.

  • You maintain ownership of all rating data to manage, modify, delete or approve your customer ratings before they are posted/published on your website.

  • Rating average can also be calculated.

How to use

  • Instructions on how to add rating field in module after installing the plugin successfully.


  1. Go to admin

  2. Select the Developer tool Studio

  3. Select a module of your choice such as Resumes

  4. Go to fields

  5. Click on add field button

  6. Select the data type Rating and enter the other details and click on save

  7. You can include this Rating field in Edit View, Detail View, ListView etc

8. If you want to change the values for each star of Rating type enter comma   separated values in the Help text

9. If you type 3 Values(eg. bad, good, excellent) in Help Text then values will be set for the first three stars

10. The number of stars will depend on the value entered in Max value. Suppose for eg. if a user enters ‘5’ in the max value field then 5 stars will be displayed.

11. The Outcome will be displayed as shown in the below image





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Support Information:

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