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Product Information

  • Generally, when a user needs to search a particular link for his/her work frequently, he needs to search for that URL multiple times. This wastes a lot of time in searching. Now, Consider a situation where the user can save the frequently required URL along with a suitable title. Doing this, he/she would be able to directly locate and open the required URL whenever required, without wasting much time.
  • The required titles can be saved. The titles and the URLs can be saved under the suitable categories under the titles.
  • The titles and the URLs saved under the given title can be changed or edited at any point of time.
  • This product allows you to quickly and easily manage your website URLs, documents URLs, etc.
  • Frame with CRM has an extremely helpful and Considerate user base Products.
  • You can use Public Categories and its Title. You can also add Your own category along with a Title.
  • You can manage all your categories and titles, without any research on google or the google drive.
  • Basically, this product enables you to efficiently manage all your titles and categories, provide all the required links or references and even help you use them to create the new themes.


  • The content of Document or Reference Links are all at one Place, making the search and availability easier.

  • Time-Saving.

  • Help to gain the Knowledge.

  • Enables the Use of Available Reference Links to Create a new theme.

  • Minimum needs to Research on Google or On Google Drive, when this is used.


Problem Statment

  • We Need to Search Every Document In Google Drive.  It is Time Consuming.

  • Every Time we need to Research for Reference links on Google.


How to use

  • In Frame with CRM, You can see the Public Categories such as Software to Use and Function to Use.



  • If You need to Create Your Own Records you need to Sign Up.

  • For Sign Up, you need to click on Login. After clicking on Login, You can see the Signup Form.

  • There are 2 Types of Users:-  A. Individual User B. Company

           Individual User

  1. If You are Individual User, select Individual Type.

  2. Fill all Your Details such as First Name, Last Name, Your Email.

          Company User

  1. If You have your own business or Company, select the Type as Company.

  2. Fill all Your Details such as First Name, Last Name, Your Email.            

  • After Sign Up, You need to Login in Frame with CRM.

  • After Login You Can Create Your Own category and Own Title for the Category.

  • For adding Category Click on Setting, then Click on Add New Category.       


  • You can also Select Font, Font Size and Font Color.

  • After Adding New Category, You will see the below Screen.



  • Here you Can add Category. Category Name is mandatory. If you don't have URL then you can submit it directly.

  • You can see the category on left side of Frame after submitting it.

  • If You want to add New Title in Added Category then refer the below Screenshot :           


  • Example, Here I have entered the title as Ideadunes. A category is entered as Software to use and given the website Link. Finally, Click on Save.

  • After Saving it you will see the Title in Software to Use Category.


  • After Clicking on IPMSG you can see the below screen:         

  • You can hide and shows the Category using - and + Button.




  • If You need to Search Title and Category, you can Search it By using search Text Field.



  • For example, Here I have search Software to Use Category.  

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Support Information

  • For any queries regarding how to use this functionality, you can refer our User Guide. you can also Get Our Support through Skype, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, Facebook.

  • The ideadunes support team is ready to invest hours for you, solve your queries and provide you the required support.

  • We Provide you the needed support in just some nominal charges, based upon the functionality and area in which the support is required.