CRM Consulting Services


Ideadune’s Banking and Financial Services BPS practice leverages process, industry, and technical knowledge to offer end-to-end solutions. Our solutions are driven by significant investments in emerging trends such as collaboration platforms, business analytics, customer experience management, and utility model-based operational transformation. We have the expertise to help banks and financial institutions comply with regulations, improve time-to-market, and reduce costs through better operational efficiency.

What Ideadunes Provide

  • Order Provisioning
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Support
  • Finance and Accounting


  • Consultations on using SugarCRM
  • Integration of other CRM systems to SugarCRM
  • Specific SugarCRM design solely for the business needs
  • Development of CRM systems for businesses
  • Sugar CRM (tuning and modification of already existing as well as adding additional fields and forms, development of new modules, integration in other already existing systems, technical help, etc.)
  • Development of web-services
  • Development of technical tasking
  • Migration of data from CRM system to SugarCRM
  • System integration
  • Training users and administrators (either long distance or locally)
  • Technical assistance for users and administrators

  • Category : Web Application
  • Date : 12 Feb, 2018