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This is the second most popular web publishing program and content management system. It is built on PHP and allows users to use the free software to build websites with an easy to use system to help people manage the content they publish on the site.

What Ideadunes Provide

We provide excellent Content Management systems and portal development services to our clientson the world’s most favorite platform that is Joomla. We provide services to all kinds of customers who are using Joomla or considering Joomla for their port development or a CMS.

We provide complex intranet and extratnet applications for Joomla which can de installed very easily and are very user friendly.

  • Installation of Joomla.
  • Installing extensions on Joomla.
  • Upgrading Joomla and fixing security issues.
  • Defining and setting up the content and structure for the user.
  • Development and Customization of Templates on Joomla.
  • CMS level development on developing and customizing Menus, Sub Menus, and Structure on Joomla.
  • Management and upload of content from the user.
  • Selecting exclusively the component, modules and extensions and also installing it for the user.
  • SEO and Search Engine Submissions for Joomla.
  • Full backup and recovery process building.
  • Training users on Joomla and 24*7 supports available.
  • Integration of shopping cart and Payment gateway for e commerce sites.

  • Category : Adaption
  • Date : 10 Feb, 2018