Crm YII Framework


Yii stands for “Yes it is”. It is one of the most widely used web application development framework majorly used in the development of complex enterprise applications like E-commerce services. Its an ideal choice for a startup, medium scale and large scale enterprises looking for a web solution for your site. It is an open source PHP framework and as soon as its launch it has been widely accepted and practiced because it consists of features which earlier frameworks lacked.

At Ideadunes we use Yii framework to develop applications because of its coder friendly features which help in managing complicated functionalities. Ideadunes Yii development team uses Yii to streamline client’s development activities and deliver the product in the desired timeline.


  • Developers and coders have a greater control using Yii in project management, configuration while in accordance with enterprise development measures.
  • Being Open source Yii provides coders with a set of tools which is very helpful in testing and debugging of apps.
  • Yii has one of the fastest and most secure PHP frameworks.
  • Yii also has a complete extension library.
  • Yii provides with highly detailed documentation.
  • Widgets which are AJAX enabled can easily be integrated to Yii.



We adopted Yii from its very introduction in 2008 because of its immense promise and are now highly experienced and proficient in its operations. Ideadunes provides a variety of Yii services for small and large businesses.

  • Yii Application Development
  • Yii Portal/Website Development
  • Custom Yii Website Development
  • Yii Portal/Website Upgrade
  • Yii Framework Development
  • Yii Integration Services
  • Yii maintenance and support
  • Widgets (AJAX enabled) development
  • MVC architecture development
  • Yii Module Development
  • Yii Plugin Development

  • Category : Web Application
  • Date : 12 Feb, 2018