Ideadunes Business Process Solution Service


We’ve entered a new era that many calls the age of Customers. While companies have always, to a greater or lesser extent, called themselves “customer-centric,” this is different. The only source of competitive advantage is the one that can survive technology-fueled disruption — an obsession with understanding, delighting, connecting with, and serving customers. Effectively managing your company’s relationships with those who buy and use your company’s products and services has never been more important CRM: The business processes and supporting technologies that support the key activities of targeting, acquiring, retaining, understanding, and collaborating with customers.

What Ideadunes Provide

  • We provide a full suite of CRM consulting services for the leading CRM platforms, including SugarCRM,, MS Dynamics, Netsuite and SAP. Our CRM service process includes:
  • Need Assessment: We organize several meetings with your staff to understand your business requirements and your current business processes to provide the right solution.
  • Application Customization and development: Once the solution is defined we either customize the existing CRM solutions or develop a new one according to the business needs that will allow you to gain the greatest value from your implementation.
  • Implementation and integration: We ensure that the CRM application being developed integrates with your other applications so as to have everything in one place rather than you juggle around.
  • Ideadunes has helped many businesses around the globe reduce the stress associated with deploying CRM solutions by applying their expertise in evaluating, installing, customizing and implementing the best CRM solution according to their business needs that will scale up as their business grows and prospers.


  • Consultations on using SugarCRM
  • Integration of other CRM systems to SugarCRM
  • Specific SugarCRM design solely for the business needs
  • Development of CRM systems for businesses
  • Sugar CRM (tuning and modification of already existing as well as adding additional fields and forms, development of new modules, integration in other already existing systems, technical help, etc.)
  • Development of web-services
  • Development of technical tasking
  • Migration of data from CRM system to SugarCRM
  • System integration
  • Training users and administrators (either long distance or locally)
  • Technical assistance for users and administrators

  • Category : ERP
  • Date : 04 Aug, 2017