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We have Provide the New Idea For Launching the Business We have to select the Appropriate Industry to Start the business for example We have choose Recruitement Industry. There are Multiple Business Models available for any Industry. For Recruitement there are Multiple Business Models are available i.e. KPO, BPO, Shortlisting Candidates, Resume Parsing etcOne Business Model can have Multiple Produ read more

Ideadunes Education Management System is a solution developed for educational institutes, schools, Colleges, and Universities. It manages the functions like Student Management System, Exam Forms, Courses, Course Subjects, etc. It includes processing, analyzing, and reporting of educational information including Colleges, Teachers, Students, and Staff details. It helps to manage a school, college read more

Real Estate Ideadunes provides a platform to manage Real Estate Agents and to maintain a record of their customers, properties, and other agents for the Real Estate business.  read more

Restaurant Ideadunes Restaurant Management system provides you to manage Order, Event, Inventory Management, Monthly Sale, Website Content, Send Bulk SMS or Email of your restaurant offers, Table Reservation, Online Card Payment, Food Menu, Website Management, Reports on everything. read more

Computer software products accomplish discrete tasks and are sold as complete packages. These Categories include applications, such as word processors and Web browsers; operating systems, such as Windows and Linux; and utilities.  Most software purchases are made by businesses which tend to seek better tools in order to manage the complexities of running operations, record keeping, and control read more

Recruitment Ideadunes Recruitment System is an advanced recruitment management system built on the Ideadunes platform to help HR departments and Recruitment Agencies reduce time to hire.Spend more time on relevant applicants and make your recruitment process fast and easy. read more

Project Ideadunes provides you the platform to manage your projects which helps you to track of project estimates, cost, revenues. Ideadunes allows you to create your project management Website and manages your website content dynamically. read more

Primary Recruitment Model Sourcing right candidates for you!! Sourcing requires identification and assessment of right candidates through proactive recruiting methodologies. Wif PowerHunt searching for your right candidates got easier and faster. Bulk Resume Upload Wat if you've collected alot of resumes from email or from another recruiting software. Now dat TEMPyou're using PowerHunt, you will get to store e read more

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